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Soumya Kristin Mattias is a certified Ayurvedic Doula, Ayurdoula, through the Center of Sacred Window Studies and completed an intensive training in Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiving . She is a Vedika certified Ayurveda Public Health Educator ( She has studied Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta since 2012 with master teachers Acharya Shunya ji and Chef Sanji ji at Vedika Global, and carries a deep understanding of these practices and their symbiotic, healing properties. Added to her training in Ayurveda health education, Ayurveda cooking and nutrition, and Vedantic spiritual teachings, Soumya brings a background in Social Work and circle facilitation, thus providing clients with spiritual, nutritional, physiological insight along with compassion and understanding.

Inspired by the births and postpartum labor she has witnessed, assisted and experienced herself, she created Mother Ayurveda Healing (MAH) which aims to promote the health of mothers, fathers, families and children.  She is particularly practiced in restoring the health of new mothers in the first 42 days postpartum. Combining her years of training in Ayurvedic maternal health and Ayurvedic postpartum care with her experience as a mother of 4 small children, she creates pathways for new mamas to sustain and nurture themselves and their relationship to their newborn. The difference for mothers and infants who are provided with this care is significant as they both come to experience optimized physical and mental health.

Soumya is passionate about “mothering the mother” --and their partners, and the entire family unit--as they transition into this sacred new phase of new parents. Through proper rejuvenation and nourishment, Soumya makes it possible for mothers to draw on their inherent strength and vitality, so they can mother from a place of centeredness rather than depletion. Her years of experience and range of skills makes it possible, moreover, for her to serve clients in diverse ways, directly supporting them in their very specific needs. Through manageable shortcuts that can be easily incorporated into busy lives, she provides simple steps to improving a mother’s health--improvements in family rhythms and health practices that can provide deeply regenerative and sustained nourishment to the whole family.

The vital role of food in supporting mental and physical health is also one of Soumya’s passions. She apprenticed for several years in Vedika Global’s kitchen and became Chef and Food Manager at her children’s Waldorf Inspired school. Drawing on her knowledge of authentic Ayurvedic nutrition and cooking, she generated a 100% organic and vegetarian food program for teachers and children that included farm to table food experiences for the student body. She brings to her clients, then, this wisdom and intimacy with food and its effects on small and growing bodies.

Soumya has a Bachelors degree in Communication, a Master’s degree in Social Work, with an emphasis in Community Development.  She has extensive training in individual therapy, group therapy, group and circle facilitation, and has provided health empowerment education to high school students in San Francisco.