private Ayurvedic chef

As your private chef, I will design a well balanced meal plan to include; Meals, Snacks, Sweets, Teas & Tonics.  These nourishing foods will restore digestion, strength, vitality, rejuvenation and balance.  In addition, they will also help to aid proper digestion, increase milk production, re-balance hormones, strengthen bones & tissues, and provide overall nourishment for baby & mama.  Sample menu is available.  Private Ayurvedic chef work for private parties and events are also available.

Ayurvedic Workshops for expecting & post-partum mamas

3 hour workshops with a homemade nourishing Ayurvedic lunch that will give mamas a baseline understanding of how to support yourself in pregnancy, childbirth and in postpartum with simple Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and seasonal tips that will enhance you in your health, recovery, rejuvenation, and family journey.  2020 workshop dates will be announced soon and can soon be accessed here

Ayurvedic Labor & DOULA Birthing Support

Cooking meals and snacks for mama, her partner and the entire birthing team.  Offering warm herbal oil massage, touch therapy, emotional support, and help with siblings while mama is in active labor for home birthing mamas.  Similar services are available to mamas birthing in the hospital.  

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultations for Individuals and Families

Detailed meal planning, daily lifestyle schedules and health promotion plans are created to promote balanced health.  A series of three one hour appointments is implemented to create a detailed plan, followed by monthly follow up appointments.    

Mama Blessings and/or Baby Blessings

A spiritual and empowering intimate circle honoring mama and baby with her closest friends and family.  Each blessing is customized to fit the personality and desires of mama. Different pricing and packages are available.

SOCIAL WORK Counseling For Families

Individual and/or family therapy to support maternal and paternal mental health and the wide range of emotions and thoughts that arise from parenting.  Healing tools and practices are shared to help alleviate emotional and mental challenges.



Handmade jars of ghee made on the night of the full moon that are infused with sacred intentions to provide optimum nourishment.  Ghee plays a very important role in rejuvenating mothers both during pregnancy and post-partum due to its tissue healing properties.  It is an essential healthy fat for pregnancy and during the postpartum phases.

Ghee is sweet in taste with a cooling potency.  It is nourishing, rejuvenating, grounding, calming to the nervous system, good for digestion due to its ability to properly absorb nutrients.  It’s beneficial for the immune system, eyes, enhances memory, intellect, stamina, and promotes longevity (these are only some of the few health benefits of ghee!).  

It is made fresh in our kitchen using 100% organic grass fed unsalted butter.  Ghee is made by cooking butter to remove all milk solids and water, what is left is pure golden oil with a royal flavor and aroma.  By removing all of the milk solids, it has a very high smoke point and once heated in a pan, it bursts open the spices placed in it, which allows your body to assimilate the nutritional benefits from the spices.  Ghee is to be kept at room temperature, as it does not need to be refrigerated.  

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