Thank you for taking such sweet care of me during my tender post-partum period. I’m forever grateful for your kindness and commitment to healing me, and women at such a vulnerable and sacred time.
— Carla Bowker
Thank you for all of your wise insight into the little cervies of parenting and motherhood. I really appreciate everything that you have shared! You are such a grounding light and I appreciate the time that you have spent dedicating to our family.
— Nathalie Brilliant
You embody the divine feminine in every which way. You are helping to bring souls toward peace, while helping mothers, parents and all to better understand why the pregnancy and postpartum journey is so important. Thank you for sharing the sacred knowledge!
— Ali Babington
You are a goddess! You laid out such deep knowledge, and so much rich information, in your food packet for the children. Thank you for cooking for our children, they are so blessed. What a wise, invested program you’ve created for them and with so much love, thank you! I wonder where you derive your strength, grace, poise, and endless fountain of nourishment. It’s awesome, truly awesome. I feel so blessed to know you, to experience your vision and great-heartedness. Such an angelic gift, like some beatific presence and all of the light you share. It makes me so much lighter when i get to see you, sunshine. All knitted together into greater wholeness.
— Gabrielle Moyer
This is such an amazing and beautiful menu!! Thank you for nourishing our kids so wonderfully!
— Ahna Girschik
The organization, creativity and thoughtfulness involved in your services is truly an inspiration.
— Amanda Harper
Thank you to Kristin for being our guide, a true medicine women, mother, sister and healer. What kind of a mind, spirit and architect it took to design such a beautiful ceremony. I’m still filling the power and shakti from that magical day!
— Crystal Stermer
You are one of the divine, my dear. You have something that is emanates from deep within you, that ancient knowledge that comes from the center of the earth. Though i have known women, older, who sit emphatically on the other side of this knowledge, i have never been in the presence of someone who is in the process of becoming, awakening, not shutting down to the volume and energy of what is coming through. You don’t seem frightened of the two worlds you seem to inhabit simultaneously, moving back and forth fluidly, you are comfortable with what is often unknowable. I’ve never seen anyone so young and yet so comfortable with this “otherness”...it is truly inspiring to know you. I want to especially thank you for shepherding us through the many concentric circles of the ritual, for inviting in the ancestors, for being our divining rod.
— Jeanie
We are so happy to have you, your wisdom and guidance in our lives!
— Anna Gordon
Thank you for your inspiration, initiative and community building spirit out of your heart!
— Lauren Cesca
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