Ayurvedic Eating Tips

Ayurvedic Eating Tips

  1. Eat warm food

  2. Eat healthy oils (ghee, avocado)

  3. Don’t over eat

  4. Eat when you feel hungry

  5. Do not eat in a hurry

  6. Do not eat while watching tv, looking at your phone, email etc

  7. Eat with positive thoughts and speech, try to be more quiet 

  8. After eating try to take 5 minutes to remain seated, and digest 

  9. Avoid snacking between meals if possible

  10. Eat fruits separately than with other foods 

More info on why not to fix fruit with foods; The reason fruits are best enjoyed on their own is that fruit is usually somewhat acidic, fairly simple to digest, and often digests quite quickly. When fruits are eaten with other foods, there is usually a significant discrepancy between the amount of time required to properly digest the fruit versus the more complex food. Inhibited by the more complex food, the fruit tends to move through the digestive tract too slowly and can cause fermentation, gas, and bloating. In addition, the combination typically introduces a number of conflicting qualities into the digestive tract all at once, which has the potential to overwhelm or stifle the digestive fire. Source- Banyan Botanical https://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/ayurvedic-living/living-ayurveda/diet/ayurvedic-food-combining/s)